Who We Are

Sutherland & Belk Partners

Taylor Sutherland and Russell Belk were both young, motivated accident and injury lawyers working in middle Tennessee at a larger, advertising law firm. Though they had a great experience at that firm and learned a tremendous amount about how to handle serious litigation and the ins and outs of the law, as they both were about to get married and start new chapters in their personal lives, they realized that starting a new chapter together in their professional lives might make sense.

What started as an after work get together at a local restaurant quickly turned into a brainstorming session about “what ifs.” What if we had smaller case loads? What if we had a chance to really get to know our clients? What if we had the time to give every client and case our full attention? What if instead of putting fires out everyday we could spend our time pushing our cases to positive resolution for our clients? What if we had an opportunity to handle cases outside of the injury context when the subject matter interested us or the client was an old friend?

In the Spring of 2014 after long talks with their spouses and many nights of prayer, Taylor and Russell left the security of that big office to start their own firm. In doing so, they decided that a firm focused on dedication to its clients, skillful representation and honesty with everyone they came in contact with would allow them to achieve the type of personal and professional success that they were raised to believe was important: Keeping score by the people you help, not the money you make.


We will treat you like family. We will represent you with integrity. And we will fight for the best result we can until the fighting’s done.