Our Promise to Our Clients

Our promise to our clients is straightforward

We will treat you like family. We will represent you with integrity. And we will fight for the best result we can until the fighting’s done.
We will treat you like family.

Our law firm is a family business. Russell and Anna are married. Taylor and Leigh are also married. Because our two families are 100% involved in S&B, we take every call, every client and every part of our representation of our clients seriously. We want to represent every client the way we would want our moms, dads or siblings to be represented. And we want our clients to know we have their best interests at heart.

We will represent you with integrity.

One of the difficulties of being a lawyer, particularly an injury lawyer, is that the general public automatically thinks we are greedy and deceptive. We work every day to combat that stereotype. We take pride in going above and beyond our clients’ and other lawyers’ expectations about honesty and transparency. We will not sacrifice our personal and professional reputations for an extra buck, a quick settlement or a shortcut to gain an advantage. And we will never ask our clients to go against their consciences or morals in pursuing their cases.

We will always fight for the best result we can.

Lawsuits are the way our society has decided disputes are going to be resolved. Instead of raiding each other’s homes or taking an eye for an eye approach to righting wrongs, we file lawsuits. Every lawsuit is a fight. It requires sharp minds, a clear battle plan and knowledge of the right tactics and tools to use. Fight a lawsuit the right way requires time and hard work.

Some firms and lawyers are looking to get in and out of a case as quickly as possible so that they can make more money or handle more cases. That is not what we are interested in. We are interested in getting the best results for our clients even if it requires taking cases to the Court of Appeals, spending thousands of our own dollars to get the right experts or using our free time on the weekends to meet with clients or witnesses to make sure that every stone in a case has been overturned.