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If you have been seriously hurt on the job in Tennessee, you have rights and you need a lawyer to help you navigate the complicated system.  Your employer should provide you with certain benefits including medical treatment, weekly benefits if you miss a certain amount of work, and permanent benefits if you have a permanent injury.  Often times, the insurance company for your employer will wrongfully deny your claim or delay providing you medical treatment leading to delays in your recovery.  They send you to their doctors who may not give you the treatment you need.  The adjusters and nurse case managers that work for the insurance company do not have your best interests in mind.  They know the rules and will use them against you.  Their job is to save the company money.

What to do if you have been hurt on the job:

  1. Provide Notice – You should report your injury immediately to your boss or supervisor.  If your employer does not have actual knowledge of your injury, you should give written notice that includes your name and address, the time, place and nature and cause of the accident resulting in injury, and it has to be signed by you or someone on your behalf.  Your employer should fill out a First Report of Injury and provide you with a panel, or list, of doctors to chose from so you can get medical treatment.
  2. Seek medical treatment – make sure you are treating with a doctor who is authorized by your employer or its insurance company.  Make it clear to the doctor that you were hurt at work and describe specifically how you were hurt.  Keep track of your mileage to and from doctor’s visits because you are entitled to mileage reimbursement if your doctor’s office is over 15 miles one way from your home.

Over the years, we have helped everybody from construction workers to sales representatives who have been injured at work.  We have helped get wrongfully denied medical treatment approved for many injured Tennessee workers.  It does not matter what the size of the employer is, we have experience handling workplace injury claims successfully.

If you or your loved one has been hurt at work, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side to protect your rights.  Our firm will fight to get you the medical treatment and benefits you deserve.  Your family’s future deserves to be protected.  Contact us for a free case review at 615-846-6200.


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