Texting and driving.  According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s Traffic Culture Index, adults ages 25 to 39 text while driving more than any other group.  44 states, including Tennessee, have banned this form of distracted driving.  An estimated 421,000 people were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver in 2012 according to the NHTSA.

Avoid the dangers by:

Distracted driving is way too common with teens.  An estimated 60 percent of teen crashes involve distracted driving.  Discuss the dangers of texting with your children.  It can help save their life.

What do you do if you are involved in a wreck with someone who was texting and driving?

The first and most important thing is getting the medical attention you need immediately.  Go to the emergency room and get evaluated to make sure you are okay.  Even if you do not think you are hurt, you may have suffered a serious injury.  Often times the excitement and adrenaline can hide and mask painful and serious injuries.  At the very least, go to your primary care physician as soon as possible after the wreck.

It is also critical to get a lawyer involved as soon as possible.  Preserving evidence is one of the key factors in successfully prosecuting a texting while driving case.  It is critical to get the phone and data records as soon as possible.  The cell phone carriers and companies have different and varying data storage policies and you do not want to lose the ability to prove the other driver was on the phone while driving.  Give us a call at 615-846-6200 if you have been involved in a wreck with someone you suspect was texting and driving.